Coconut Oil Personal Lubricant – What Every Individual Should Look At

Have you ever wondered which personal lubricant is ideal for your needs? With so many kinds to choose from, it can be somewhat intimidating. Which one is best for use with condoms? What if you need lube for underwater play? And what about anal play? You might not feel that it matters, but to get the best experience from your lubricant, you will need to make the right option. Although there are lots of different brands of personal lubricant, they will almost always fall into three primary categories, water-based, silicone, and oil based. Each different kind is best used in specific situations. Water-based lubricants are the most commonly available. They’re also the healthiest for you, easiest to clean up, and are compatible with latex and several sex toys. They do have a tendency to dry out after some time, but this problem is easily overcome simply by reapplying more. Since they are water soluble, they’re not recommended for use in the tub, pool, or spa. They would just break down almost immediately and be rendered useless. Are you searching about coconut oil sex lube? Check out the before outlined site.

Silicone-based lubricants have many exclusive traits which distinguish them from other personal lubricants. Unlike water-based lubes, which absorb into the skin, silicone stays put for an extremely consistent glide. It has the feel of oil, but does not have the negative effect of breaking down latex as many oil-based lubes do. Another positive feature of silicone is it is fantastic for anal play. Using its long-term durability, it is going to stay smooth and pleasing to the sensitive anal tissue. As it’s not water soluble, it works beautifully in the bathtub, pool or spa. Silicone lube isn’t compatible with cyberskin or silicone dildos. You must always cover these toys using a condom prior to the use of silicone lube. Oil-based lubricants are the most famous of the three. They are best used for anal play and male masturbation. Oil-based lubes will irritate most women’s vaginas, so should be avoided if possible. They should never be used with latex products as they will destroy them on contact.

Although oil-based lube has its own limitations, it is still worth mentioning since it will reduce friction dramatically which is always a plus. Just make sure you use it in the ideal circumstances. However, the coconut oil is not like other oils. In fact, coconut oil is very different in a dramatic way. Coconut oil contains is one of the few oils with short-chain molecules. This is the reason it will absorb into the epithelium of the vagina. So now you know the basic differences between personal lubricants you should be able to generate an informed decision on which one is right for you. Lots of the lubes mentioned previously have added features like a warming effect and tastes to please the palate while you please your spouse. With such a enormous selection, there isn’t any need to ever be dry again. Smooth things out with some personal lubricant and enjoy your sexual experiences to the fullest.